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Green Party Links:

Join with Greens from around the world ...


...and from all over the nation!


Portland has a vibrant and active community of Greens. Check out their blog.


Green Organizations and Publications:

Green Change is a community of people with Green values: justice, democracy, sustainability and non-violence. We work together to share Green art, politics and culture.


Providing critical support to people in the trenches working to change the world.


Connecting Greens into action for peace!
The Green Party Peace Network is a grassroots network for peace activists in the Green Party. GPPN exists to organize, support, alert, and call all Greens to action! Grassroots at work!


Other Organizations of Green Interest:

Cooperative Maine
Promoting cooperative development throughout Maine.
Maine Vocals
Working for marijuana policy reform.
Sunny Corner Fuel Assistance
Sunny Corner Fuel Assistance, Inc. is a volunteer, non-profit organization that was founded in December 2007 to help our fellow Mainers pay for the high cost of heating oil. As of December 19, 2008, hold on to your hat...they have raised $36,658.60 and have helped 140 families.


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