2020 Presidential Nomination


In 2020, the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) will nominate a candidate for president at its presidential nomination convention, currently scheduled to be held on July 9–12 at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.


Each state will get a select number of delegates to attend the national convention. Our delegates will cast votes that officially nominate a candidate for president. The national convention may nominate any qualified person for president.


Maine's delegates to the national convention will be selected at our 2020 state convention proportional to the number of votes each candidate receives at municipal caucuses and the statewide convention, in accordance with article V and VIII of our bylaws.


A number of candidates have declared interest in seeking the GPUS nomination for president; many have already filed with the Federal Eletions Commission to do so.


The GPUS has established criteria for official recognition as a candidate for the party nomination. However, official recognition is not a requirement for nomination; the national convention may nominate any person, or no candidate at all, for president.


For complete information about all candidates, please visit the GPUS Presidential 2020 web page.


As of the start of 2020, two candidates have received official recognition from the GPUS: Howie Hawkins and Dario Hunter.


Other candidates who are seeking our nomination, but have not yet been officially recognized by GPUS, are Sedinam Moyowasiza-Curry, Dennis Lambert, David Rolde, Ian Schlakman and Chad Wilson.


The GPUS maintains a 2020 Presidential Candidates listing that includes all of the candidates, officially recognized and not, who have declared their intent to seek nomination.


Additionally, there is a  Federal Elections Commission list of every person who has filed a candidacy for president and the party nominations they are seeking. There are more than 20 candidates who have filed with the FEC to seek our nomination, but only the candidates previously mentioned have contacted the GPUS and formally declared with the party their interest in our nomination.


Maine Greens may cast votes for their preferred candidate at a municipal caucus or at the statewide convention. If a member is unable to attend either a caucus or the state convention, they may cast their vote absentee. Absentee votes may be cast either by contacting an existing municipal committee, or if a municipal committee does not exist in their town, by contacting the state committee.


Technically, the national convention has the right to select no candidate at all for nomination, if it chooses, or to nominate a person from outside the party. While we will respect and count every person's vote, including votes for "no candidate" or candidates of other parties, it is important for our members to know that Maine will only send delegates for selections that receive enough votes to proportionally equal at least one delegate.


If there are enough "miscellaneous" votes for candidates (or "no candidate") that receive only a few votes each, but combined all together, would equal one delegate, then Maine may award the appropriate proportion of delegates as "unpledged" delegates to the national convention.


In our experience and history, the "no candidate" option has never received a delegate from Maine. Candidates that are not running Green have also not received delegates from Maine with the one exception of the year that Ralph Nader ran as an independent candidate, in which case Maine awarded him nearly half of our delegates.


We hope this information proves valuable and informative as members decide how to cast their votes in the 2020 municipal caucuses in the most strategic way to most effectively influence the outcome of the presidential nomination.


We encourage Greens to actively seek out information on all candidates. We also encourage caucus conveners to bring information on the candidates to their caucuses so that participants are as informed as possible.


Not sure when your caucus is being held? Click on the "Caucus" menu under "Organization" and learn how you could convene a caucus in your town.


The race is on!