We won "Friend of The Fair" at the Common Ground Country Fair!

Hi all!

Jacqui Devaneau, Patrick Bagley, Trish Jackson, Josh Girard, John Rensenbrink, Betsy Garrold, Abriel Ferreira, and I had a great time this past weekend tabling at the Common Ground Fair!

Abriel and Trish holding down the fort for the Maine Green Independent Party.
Abriel and Trish holding down the fort for the Maine Green Independent Party this past weekend.

It seems to me that with each passing year, people grow more and more sympathetic to our cause, and converting people from being "Green in their heart" to being Green in their votes and party registration is easier this year than ever!

As I said in the last email, we have a long standing relationship with the Common Ground Country Fair.  

And that long-standing relationship was honored this past weekend, as the Maine Green Independent Party (and Jacqui Devaneau specifically) was awarded "Friend of the Fair" by the Common Ground Fair judges, for having been a steady presence at the Common Ground Country Fair every year for the past decade.

Our Friend of the Fair award, courtesy of the Common Ground Country Fair

Not only that, but so far, between the Candidate Recruitmentpage and the time spent tabling at the Common Ground Country Fair, we currently have 14 new candidates who have indicated that they want to run for office with the Green Party-- many of whom are going to be starting up municipal chaptersstarting right now, to build their volunteer base for their run in 2014, and to help them collect signatures and clean election checks this coming January.

If you'd like to start a municipal chapter, check out our "how-to" guide!

Our new candidates hail from Belfast, Northport, Bangor, Brewer, Unity, Liberty, Biddeford, Sanford, South Berwick... and if you decide to run, we'll have a candidate from your town too!

We're looking to recruit 35 candidates for state senate, and 100 for House.  We're off to a good start!

Would you like to help us in reaching our candidate recruitment goals? 

We also had several students who are registered Greens (and an international Green from Uruguay) who are interested in starting up a Campus Greens chapter at College of the Atlantic, and Unity College!

The folks with whom I spoke personally, I gave them 'intern' level access to our database, and sent them via email, a link to their call list for either the district they are looking to run for, or just for their municipality.

Having a list of Greens to call through is a helpful first step to building up a local Green Party chapter.  If you are interested in starting a local group, be sure to email me at asher [at] mainegreens [dot] org, or call me at 207-200-MGIP (6447).

It was a great Fair, and as always, it's a pleasure to be able to meet the Greens from around the state in person and talk one on one with them. It's rare to get the opportunity to do that in a state as large and rural as ours, and one that I appreciate whenever I get the chance.

Green and Growing,

Asher Platts
Chair, Maine Green Independent Party

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