Train Your Membership

Practice makes perfect. This is certainly true for political engagement and successful election campaigns. Of course, a lot of the know-how comes from experience. But training courses for staff, candidates and volunteers are effective tools and important opportunities for the sound preparation of campaigns, and, in particular, ahead of decisive phases of election campaigns. It is at moments such as these, when the time to prepare has long passed, that everything must run smoothly and quickly fall into place.


For what objectives are trainings well suited?
- Collective brainstorming activities
- Development of strategies and concepts
- Sharing and exchange of knowledge and experience
- Preparation of concrete campaign situations
- Further development of participants’ personal competencies
- Team building and motivation

Examples of campaign preparation themes
- Strategy and campaign planning
- Time management and responsibilities
Developing messages
Volunteer work
- Fundraising measures
- Internal communication
- Media training
- Public speaking
- Personal communication on the campaign trail 

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