Universal Terms of Service

Universal Terms of Service (TOS) for all Maine Green Independent Party web presence


We want people

To respect people’s opinions

To engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue

To be sensitive to other’s personal beliefs

To have respect for diversity

To practice nonviolent communication

To take personal responsibility for actions and words


We would like our public forums to be used to

Plan Green Party events

Discuss political strategies

Share stories from the field of what works and what doesn’t work

Allow Green-minded people to meet and exchange ideas in a safe setting


We will not allow our public forums to be used

To make personal attacks.

To bully, insult, or intimidate other users

To denigrate the Maine Green Independent Party and/or it’s membership

To post excessively or to “spam”

For aggressive communication and lesser violations of the TOS, moderators may warn first-time offenders, place second-time offenders on notice, and remove third-time offenders. Moderators will report all warnings, notices, removals and content deletions to the communications committee for review.

The communications committee may reinstate anyone who has been removed, or remove warnings and notices, as the committee deems is warranted.

Moderators reserve the right to remove offenders and content immediately in instances of extreme violations, including but not limited to hate speech, threats of violence and spam.

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