Tom MacMillan for House 38 - Portland


Tom MacMillan was forced to withdraw from the 2014 race after his lease was not renewed and he was unable to find housing in his rapidly gentrifying district.

Tom MacMillan was born in Portland, Maine to a working class family; his mother was a medical technician and his father an auto-mechanic. His family, which has lived in Portland for generations, includes his great-grandmother who still lives in the West End. He is a proud graduate of Portland Public Schools, including Portland High School. He is also a board member of the West End Neighborhood Association.

Tom is running for office after years of involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Seeds of Peace and the Maine Green Independent Party because of the obvious need to remove money from politics. Everyone realizes that the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are in deep trouble. He views the involvement of professional lobbyists, financial institutions and big industries in the political process as the primary cause of apathy and distrust in the US political system. He also believes those reasons to be why small and local businesses are unable to grow and that health care continues to need a common sense solution. As a state representative, Tom will work to limit and eventually end the involvement of corporate money in our political system.

Tom has worked on a number of issues in the recent past, including successfully organizing and writing a resolution for Portland City Council to endorse a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood. He also collected hundreds of signatures to help restore same day voter registration, restore same sex marriage and marijuana reform.

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