Maine Green Independent Party Response to Panama Papers

The Panama Papers have exposed the sordid tax avoidance schemes of the super wealthy and their efforts to avoid paying their fair share. The information about shell companies and offshore accounts has shed light on how these clandestine schemes pick the pockets of those who contribute to the cost of running our country. Though perusing the who’s who list of schemers is titillating, we should focus our attention on what this means to those of us not involved in such dealings. The unpaid taxes of those secretly hiding income and assets have to be made up somewhere else. That somewhere else is from you and me and the rest of Main Street America.

The Green Party refuses funding by corporations and PACs and is only beholden to average citizens. We support social issues that benefit everyday people, like universal health care, free education and a livable wage. If the unscrupulous members of the super wealthy class paid their share of taxes, these programs could be funded without increasing the burden on the middle class. That is why the Green Party is not the alternative, as activist Rosa Clemente so accurately stated, but the imperative.

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