State Subcommittees


Action Committee (ActCom): Making sure that the Maine Greens have a strong visual presence at rallies, demonstrations, and events that we support, as well as organizing rallies, demonstrations and other events spearheaded by the Maine Greens.


Communication Committee (ComCom): Tasked with facilitating internal communications between various inter-organizational bodies.


Fundraising Committee (FunCom): Taksed with fundraising activities.

Fundraising is unique in that in addition to having it's own members, it also uses a spokes-council structure, rather than subcommittees.  Those spokes are:

  • Merchandise Committee (MerchCom): Tasked with developing and selling Green Party merchandise.
  • Tabling Committee (Tabling): Tasked with making sure that various events around the state have Greens tabling on behalf of the MGIP, selling merch, and collecting contact information and financial support from interested members of the public.


Press Committee (PressCom): Tasked with All Things Press Related; Press Conferences, Press Releases, videography, covering our events in case the mainstream media doesn't, and so on.

Merchandise Committee: (MerchCom) Tasked with overseeing the development and sales of Green Party merchandise, and the development of materials for the Tabling Committee.


Finance Committee (FinCom)