I just got this email from an organizer at Students for USM's Future, the student organization fighting against the austerity measures that are gutting the UMaine system right now.  They wanted me to share this with the rest of the Maine Greens.  I hope that you will join me showing solidarity with these students standing up for their rights, and for the rights of future generations.


At noon on Monday, November 17th students will walk out of our of classes and onto campus as a collective expression of our dissent with the Board of Trustees. The board is meeting on the Portland campus on 11/16 and 11/17. 

Five programs have been eliminated since October. Many more programs have had their faculty numbers slashed in half. The administration has yet to explain how students can finish their degrees, while students lose thousands of dollars in scholarships because their advisers lost their jobs. We're expecting many staff layoffs this month.

What will walking out do? It will show that we are a unified force. It will show how important it is to students to have ongoing access to a first-class comprehensive university in Portland. It will show how many of us believe there is a different way forward for USM. 

Our demands for the board are as follows:
1. Reverse the cuts. 
2. Enact a moratorium on all cuts until transparency and shared governance are restored. 
3. Advocate for the state and the community to invest in USM. 

Please help us get the word out. Invite your friends to the Facebook event (link below). Speak up in your classes. Write about it on chalk boards. Tell everyone you know.

Students are meeting outside of Payson Smith in Portland and at Hodgdon Field in Gorham. The event will take place on both campuses, but please come to Portland if you can. 


Green and Growing,

Asher Platts
Chair, Maine Green Independent Party

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