Sample Agenda

Sample Caucus Agenda (for use in conjunction with Caucus Data Sheet)

(following this agenda will cover all bases and provide opportunities for every statutory caucus provision to be executed)

I. Introduction and Statements—Open the Caucus

The person calling the caucus, or the chair of the committee, introduces him or herself, states the reason for calling the caucus, and "opens" the caucus.

A. Statement of Voting Provisions

The convener informs the caucus that at any time, it may optionally order a vote to be taken by one of these provisions—by checking each voter's name or by secret ballot.

B. Statement of Challenges

The convener informs the caucus that at any time, should there be doubt, any enrolled voter in the municipality may challenge the right of another to vote at the caucus.

II. Election of Caucus Officers

  1. Election of Caucus Secretary (statute requires secretary to be elected before chair)

  2. Election of Caucus Chair

III. Determine Parliamentary Procedure of Caucus

IV. Form Municipal Committee (if not already formed), or Report on Party Members Governing Municipal Committee (if already formed).

    1. Number of offices and members

    2. Length of terms

    3. Duties of committee

V. Nominate Municipal Election Clerks (to work the polls)

VI. Elect Municipal Delegates to the Party's Statewide Convention (not relevant until 2018 winter caucuses)

VII. Identify Candidates for Upcoming Municipal Elections (many of which occur in the spring) and for State Legislature and other State and National offices. It may be helpful to purchase in advance, a map of the municipality, showing its voting districts and precincts (purchasable at town/city hall).

VIII. Conduct Presidential Preference Vote for US Green Party Nomination (presidential years only).

IX. Nominate Candidates for Party County Committee to be Elected at State Convention.

X. Local Issues/Caucus Agenda Items

XI. Ideas, suggestions, proposals or recommendations for improvement to forward to state party committee.

XII. Pass the Hat for Committee Expenses (purchase of map, postage to members, paid newspaper posting and/or photocopies of notices, etc., etc.)

XIII. Set Next Meeting Time and Place of Municipal Committee

Please contact the Green Independent Party of Maine if you need support or assistance in forming a municipal committee or holding a caucus.

There also may be party newsletters, signs, banners, brochures or other resources available for your use at the caucus.

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