Sam Chandler For House 36 - Portland


Sam Chandler is a Maine native, who recently graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in jazz piano performance. Working in the Greater Portland area as a social worker and teacher, Sam has seen the challenges faced by institutions that depend on state funding.

He has seen that underfunded behavioral and mental health facilities are unable to promote success, due to high employee turnover, understaffing, and other issues. He says that we need to fund these programs properly. Sam believes that a state run single-payer healthcare system would not only provide care to all Mainers, but ultimately cost less, saving money which could support struggling DHHS funded businesses.

He also believes that the state should fund and support the creation of cooperative models of Social Services, allowing local communities the ability to support and feed their poor, thereby saving money and eliminating stigmas around accepting assistance.

Sam supports the legalization of marijuana and hemp growing in Maine for access to America's number one cash crop, and to end the detainment of a group of people who are predominantly people of color that are in jail for non-violent offenses. Sam supports raising taxes on top earners by replacing a flat tax with a more progressive tax system, increase estate taxes, and taxing vacation homes.

Sam proposes an increase in minimum wage at a quarter a quarter, until wages have matched the booming inflation. Sam believes that it is time to end the war on the poor and underprivileged, which means supporting health and well-being, and taking our fair share from the top earners who benefit at the cost of the working poor.

Sam wants an increase in taxes on the wealthy.

Sam will bring a fresh voice to Augusta, and is happy to be a member of the Maine Green Independent Party, the only party that does not accept corporate donations.

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