Refugees Are Welcome Here!


The Maine Greens stand in solidarity with Portland Racial Justice Congress, to say that "Refugees are Welcome Here!"

Accepting refugees into our communities is an American legacy that we all can be proud of. Many of our neighbors who have fled the dangers of war, poverty, and injustice know even better the reasons why it is imperative that we continue to accept families and individuals from all around the world, particularly from war-ravaged Syria.

The hateful rhetoric inspired by fear and xenophobia permeates our communities and further stigmatizes our Muslim and foreign born friends and relatives. We will not stand idly by while leaders like Paul LePage fuel hostility and bitterness within our neighborhoods solely for political gain.

That is why we will stand in solidarity with refugees on December 6th in Monument Square at 6PM, to show Maine and the country that people seeking refuge have allies and friends awaiting them with open arms here in Portland and across the state. -- statement by Portland Racial Justice Congress

As Green Party founder Petra Kelly says, "human rights are for everyone, or they aren't human rights."  War is a human rights violation, and it requires other forms of oppression to happen.  Opposing war is a moral imperative, but we must also oppose the root causes of war to end war as an institution. It is critical to understand the intersection between war and racism, war and colonialism, war and xenophobia, war and capitalism.   Please attend this rally with open ears and an open heart.


Gil Harris
Co-Chair, Maine Green Independent Party


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