Racism, Capitalism, and Revolution

Malcolm X said it best fifty years ago, “You can’t have capitalism without racism.”

The eruption of the #BlackLivesMatter movement has exposed the myth of a post-racial America and shown just how right he was.

The mass protests of the civil rights movement succeeded in shattering the old form of Jim Crow segregation, but out of the ashes a new form of racial control was built, using new tools—mass incarceration, racial profiling and systemic police violence against communities of color—to create a New Jim Crow. 

This didn’t happen accidentally, it was a consciously built system of racial control created by the ruling class, or the top 1% as they are usually referred to today. This reimposition of racism in every nook and cranny of American society laid the ground work for a neoliberal era of rapidly deteriorating living conditions for working class people--particularly the black working class--right along with skyrocketing corporate profits. Come to a discussion about the connection between racism and capitalism and what it will take to get rid of both once and for all.

The presentation will be given by Khury Petersen-Smith, a long time activist and socialist and a regular contributor to Socialistworker.org. His latest article, "Why are they Afraid of Ferguson?" can be found at : http://socialistworker.org/2014/11/21/why-are-they-afraid-of-ferguson.

  • February 03, 2015 at 7pm – 10pm
  • University of Southern Maine, Luther Bonney Hall, Talbot Auditorium
  • Owen HIll

Will you come?

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