Portland Press Herald lists all Greens as Republicans

**UPDATED June 12 at 5:06**

The Portland Press Herald page has the Green Party Candidates properly listed under their own party now.  Thank you to everybody who wrote and called the editors to bring awareness to the error, and thank you to the Portland Press Herald for finally properly reporting our candidates and their party affiliation.


Subject: Error with PPH Primary Results

To: kbeaudion@pressherald.comsgreenlee@pressherald.com

Portland Press Herald's Phone: (207) 791-6650


I'm not sure the cause of this error, but the Green Party doesn't seem to exist in your primary result report.


All of our candidates, including myself, have been listed as having won uncontested Republican Party primaries.

For State Senate, the Maine Green Party had five uncontested primaries: 

Asher Platts
Fred Horch
Danielle Unterriener
Alice Knapp
Mark Diehl

For State House, the Maine Green Party had ten uncontested primaries:
Paige K Brown
Bob Klotz
Sam Chandler
Mike Wakefield
Randall Parr
Tom MacMillan
Ben Schattenburg
Dan Stromgren
Reed Berkowitz
Lisa Willey

All of them are listed as being Republicans on your website.  

The Maine Green Independent Party has legal recognition from the State of Maine equal to the Democratic and Republican parties.  Our candidates should be listed under their own party affiliation.
Thank you.

Asher Platts
Chair, Maine Green Independent Party
207-200-MGIP (6447)

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