Portland Greens' Legalization Push Makes Waves.

Portland Greens have been making waves in the News Media recently for their push to legalize marijuana in Portland.

Check out the following coverage!

Portland Daily Sun:


"Advocates for the legalization of marijuana in Portland called on the city's residents to take action and follow the lead of Colorado and Washington to approve decriminalization measures.
Representatives from the Portland Green Independent Committee announced the launch of a petition drive that aims to put a referendum on the ballot to legalize marijuana use in Portland. The ordinance the group hopes to enact would decriminalize the use and possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and accessory paraphernalia for adults who are 21 years or older.
"Portland residents will not wait for the state and federal governments to take action," said Tom MacMillan, chairman of the Portland Green Independent Committee.
The speakers — which included City Councilor David Marshall, David Boyer of the Marijuana Policy Project and ACLU of Maine Legal Director Zachary Heiden — highlighted that marijuana is safer than alcohol yet is the substance that's illegal."

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Bangor Daily News:

"PORTLAND, Maine — A coalition of political groups and activists say marijuana possession should be legalized in Maine’s largest city, in part because they say the drug is significantly safer than alcohol. [...]

Tom MacMillan, chairman of the Portland Green Independent Committee, told the BDN Wednesday night his organization — and other like-minded groups — need to get 1,500 signatures of city residents on a petition seeking to place a referendum on whether to legalize pot possession on Portland’s November ballot."

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WCSH 6 For video click here

"PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A bill in front of the legislature would make Maine the third state to legalize marijuana, but some people in Portland don't want to wait on action from Augusta to make the drug legal in city limits.

A petition asks for the Portland City Council to establish an ordinance that would allow people 21 and older to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana or less for recreational use.

The ordinance would prohibit marijuana use in public places.

Representatives from Portland's Green Party, the Marijuana Policy Project, and the ACLU of Maine held a press conference to announce support for the ordiance Thursday.

According to Tom MacMillan, Portland Green Party Chair, the petition has more than 200 signatures.

They need to collect 1,500 before May 30th to have the Portland City Council take up the issue. City Councilors could decide to adopt the ordinance or create a voter referendum.

Arguing that marijuana is safer than alcohol, David Boyer, the Political Director of the Marijuana Policy Project said..."

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