Portland Caucus 2014

Join the Portland Green Independent Committee for our biennial caucus, in Portland City Hall. At the caucus, we will hear from candidates for the Maine Legislature, re-form the Cumberland County Green Independent Committee and more. Come help your local candidates get on the ballot with a signature and a Clean Elections qualifying contribution of $5 per candidate.

  • February 08, 2014 at 1pm – 3pm
  • Portland City Hall
    389 Congress St
    State of Maine room (2nd floor)
    Portland, ME 04101
    United States
    Google map and directions
  • 6 people are going
  • Tom MacMillan


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    Just a matter of clarity on process, the Portland Green Independent Committee doesn't really have any authority to form or single-handedly construct a county committee. Statute provides that the Portland Green caucus may nominate candidates for the Cumberland County Green Independent Committee, as may all other caucuses in the county. The county committee is then elected at the state convention from nominations made at all municipal caucuses in Cumberland County. Once formed at the convention, the newly elected county committee will establish its own governance, rules, operating procedures, etc. It is a subtle difference but technically, the caucus doesn't form the committee -- the convention does that later in the year -- the caucus simply nominates candidates. Just want to save the caucus from spending too much time discussing structure and operations of a county committee. The convention sets the size and duties of the county committees, municipal committees don't have authority to form the county committees in absence of nominations of other municipalities. Once formed, those county committees determine their own governance. The Portland committee/caucus really has no jurisdiction to set that for them. I would phrase it as "nominate candidates for county committee," not "form county committee."
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    March 25 is PGIC's 15th birthday. Let's have a birthday party! You'll appreciate this gem I found: Portland Green Independent Caucus 3/25/99 Minutes Present: Ben Meiklejohn, Mahiena Vigeant, Craig Jackson, Michael Luce, and David Margolis-Pineo. Non-voters: Ben Chipman, Ed Democracy, and Levi (?). Registered Green Independent Portland Resident Benjamin Meiklejohn opened the caucus at 6:35 p.m. Mahiena Vigeant was elected Secretary of the Caucus. Benjamin Meiklejohn was elected Chairperson of the Caucus. Consensus was chosen as parliamentary procedure for caucus. Formation of municipal committee: Craig suggested meeting once a month. Consensed. Ben suggested every 4th Thursday at 6 p.m. at Peace and Justice Center if available. Consensed. Ben proposed any Portland Resident registered as a Green independent is eligible to be on the committee. Consensed. Ben proposed 2 co-chairs and a secretary. Consensed. Further Agenda – Voter Registration, Municipal Elections, Citywide Recycling. Voter Registration – chain registration, door to door, Ben Chipman elected Voter Registration coordinator. Consensed. Municipal Elections – Ben Meiklejohn considered running for School Committee. Needed 300 signatures. Decided not to run this year. Citywide Recycling – Ben Meiklejohn raised issue of #6 plastics being more numerous than 1's and 2's. Ben proposed we find where to recycle #6's and inform the City Council with hope they can expand curbside recycling to include. We need to send Green Party representative to Recycling Committee. Dave will find out when the committee is meeting. Caucus closed.
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    Please RSVP: Portland Caucus 2014
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