Penobscot Green-Independents Meeting Minutes 2014-06-11

Officer Election Held
Chair - Nate Shea
Scribe - Deke Rhinehart
Advisory Member 1st - Matt Lyon

Discussion topics:

Single payer healthcare
Petition signatures
Vermont - what are they doing with their state push on this subject?

Living Wage Initiative
Agreement $15 an hour is more of a realistic living wage

Run-off Voting (rank choice)
Educate voters on how this is a better serving system for the people
Research proper bureaucracy channels for getting system instituted for local government voting

Digital Direct Democracy*
When bills are up for vote to be made law, they will be posted in their entirety on a digital platform/app for review and digital polling from congess-persons constituents
And vote will be cast based on majority response of polling platform.
Promote platform as Green Party exclusive ( ie. candidates elected will use this platform to truly do the will of its citizens)

East - West Highway
Help in protest efforts

Alexander Group
Anti-plagiarism solutions on future government studies
Accountability / public servant pledges

Embrace The Name (no "armchair patriots")
Misconceptions / combat

Idea toss
Education campaigns, combat misinformation machines
Local Canidate Support
Cooperatives - education/access/capital

Next scheduled meeting Penobscot Greens 7/8/14

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