June 14th, Greater Portland Area (Exact Location TBA, depending on total number of Pre-Registrations)

Speakers Confirmed so far:

Malorie Pastor, City Council, Old Orchard Beach

David Marshall, City Council, Portland

Paige K Brown, Candidate for State House, Belfast

Tom MacMillan, PGIC Chair, 2012 Candidate for State House, Portland

Will Hopkins, Ex Director NH Peace Action

Asher Platts, Maine Green Independent Party Chair


Many more to be announced!



2013 Convention

 Sunday, May 5th

Belfast Free Library

106 High st BelfastDoors open at 8:30am

We encourage you to organize your local Green Party members to organize caravans and carpools.

Registration is $25, and if you preregister now for $35 you will get a Maine Green Party t-shirt for free.  Pre-registration will start in April.

MGIP 2012 Convention "Back to the Roots" Convention Minutes


Dave Marshall- Elected convention chair

Asher Platts- Secretary

Eric Blumrich- Timekeeper

Tony Zeli - Treasurer's Report Expects to have raised $6,000 for annual operating budget. Compare what we do with 6k to what other parties do with millions... We have a clynk program, "community cash" will easily break $150 for the year. Were able to raise money through sustainer program: $1,235

Convention: event will break even.

Expenses: Voter lists, MGIP office.

Budget shortfall: no more checkoff checks. Greens have made 50% and sometimes more, of our budget, through the schedule CP. Anonymous way to donate to party. MGIP proposed budget- build a capital reserve fund.

Question before the Convention: Should we eliminate our office? We can open a PO Box, we can create a virtual number for people to call. Current office has no street frontage. Is a normal business hours operation.

Seth Berner- would eliminate the expense of the office. A PO Box is not ideal, but neither is our income. Create a "community center" atmosphere. Tool library, merchandise, clynk bags, self selection of volunteers.

Meg Perry Center? Could we move into the Meg Perry Center- Meg Perry cannot rent to us as it is a nonprofit.

Jacqui- right now our address is an actual address. I would suggest to get a PO Box in Portland to keep it always. Get a phone with an answering machine.

Should we keep the office space for the election?

Seth- if helping candidates is a priority, let's do that instead of running a virtual office.

Fred- The dynamics of the Green Party has had a lot of space between conventions in any sort of way that would be nice. We should have events.

Maine Own Organic- we have a google phone number. You can forward the phone to anybody.

Anna- office expense should be eliminated.

Budget approved by concensus.

Holly Seeliger is running for school board- dist 2. [speech]

Tom Kelly- Maine House dist 120: [speech]

Skype conversation with Kent Mesplay; Jill Stein Elections of New SC State Steering Committee handles all business of the State Party. Four Open Seats Asher- Renominated - Accept Anna- Renominated- Accept Nate open- Lynne- George Johnson Hamilton Nominated- Accepts Randall Parr nominated- Accepts Holly Seeliger nominated- Accepts {Candidates given 2 minutes each to speak to their qualifications} Asher Platts, Anna Trevorrow, George Hamilton, Randall Parr, Holly Seeliger Holly Seeliger Declines nomination. No need for ballot. Motion to accept four nominees. Motion accepted by consensus.

New Steering Committee Asher Platts-Chair/Deputy Treasurer Whitley Newman- Deputy Chair Tom MacMillan- Secretary George Hamilton- Deputy Secretary Tony Zeli- Treasurer Anna Trevorrow Randall Parr

Elections for Delegates to NC -5 Jacqui Devaneau nominated, accepts Morgen D'Arc nominated, accepts Asher Platts nominated, accepts Seth Berner nominated, declines Holly Seeliger, nominates accepts Tom MacMillan nominated, declines John Rensenbrink nominated, declines John Olsen, nominated, declines Fred Dolgan, nominated, declines Tom Kelly, nominated, declines George Johnson, volunteers Adam Marletta, nominated, declines 5 nominees accepted by consensus

New NC Delegation [5] Jacqui Deveneau Morgen D'Arc Asher Platts Holly Seeliger George Johnson

GPUS Convention Delegates- 13 Morgen D'Arc- nominated, accepts Jacqui Devaneau- nominated, accepts Betsy Garrold- nominated, accepts John Rensenbrink- nominated, accepts Lynne Williams- nominated, accepts Whitley Newman- nominated, accepts Dave Marshall- nominated, accepts Anna Trevorrow- nominated, accepts Tom MacMillan- nominated, accepts Asher Platts- nominated, accepts Tony Zeli- nominated, accepts Holly Seeliger- nominated, accepts Adam Marletta- nominated, accepts Slate of 13 accepted by consensus

GPUS Convention Delegation [13] Morgen D'Arc Jacqui Devaneau Betsy Garrold John Rensenbrink Lynne Williams Whitley Newman Dave Marshall Anna Trevorrow Tom MacMillan Asher Platts Tony Zeli Holly Seeliger Adam Marletta

Maine State Presidential Electors- 4 Lynne Williams nominated to rep dist 2 Chris Reed nominated to rep dist 1- declines Fred Morrill- accepts John Rensenbrink- at large, accepts Seth Berner- at large, accepts Ratified slate with a round of applause

Maine State Presidential Electors- 4 Lynne Williams- Dist 2 Fred Morrill- Dist 1 John Rensenbrink- At-large Seth Berner- At-large

Awards New Green of the Year- Eric Blumrich 2012 Maine Green Party volunteers of the year- Adam Marletta Candidate of the Year- Dave Marshall Green Dog of the Year- Charlie- [Rosalie's dog] 2012 MGIP Lifetime Acheivement- Loukie and Stan Lofchie 2012 MGIP Green of the Year- Anna Trevorrow

Break for Lunch- 12:45 till 2pm Skype conversation with Rosanne Barr Voting on Presidential Nomination


  • Discussion of method to nominate
  • Anna reports- 15 caucuses convened, small portion took a vote, most decided not to vote, those that did vote voted unanimously for Jill Stein, excepting Portland which went 90% for Jill Stein
  • Secret Ballot, Ranked Choice ; or caucus style


16 for caucus; 6 by secret ballot- caucus wins

Delegation begins caucus. Jill Stein- 17 Rosanne Barr- 14 Kent- 0 Und- 0

Delegation Count: Jill Stein: 7, Rosanne Barr 6

Candidates Speak Thomas MacMillan Lynne Williams Seth Berner Asher Platts Fred Horsch Caroline Rae- David Bright spoke on her behalf Mike Wakefield-Others spoke for Bill Linell-Others spoke for Dave Marshall- told a short story about corporate personhood summit.

Pat LaMarche-Key Note Speech Folks who were the "roots" that laid the groundwork for the party : John Rensenbrink John D Moss Jonathan Carter Morgen D'Arc Betsy Gerald Matt Tilley Jacqui Deveneau

Pat LaMarche's reading list: Tree Grows in Brooklyn, East of Eden, Hunchback of Notre Dame

Bylaws and Platform Amendment to bylaws by Tom MacMillan: Motion: The Maine Green Independent Party shall consider as eligible to run for public office as a Green Indpenedent candidate anyone who is a registered voter with the party and has collected the required number of signatures at the end of the petitioning period, regardless of state statue.

Motion to accept: accepted by consensus Bylaws Amendment by Asher Platts: The Steering Committee may make amendments to the platform granted unanimous consent of the Steering Committee. Withdrawn by Asher Platts.

Platform Amendments Amendment to platform by Randall- support public safety around flammable fuels such as LNG & LPG

To Amend: Establish regulatory controls that provide for public safety and prevent monopolistic practices and price gouging in essential energy markets for present or proposed energy sources. Tom MacMillan, moved, Randall Parr Seconded Passed by consensus.

Asher Platts Gives Closing Words as New Chair

(Pictured from left to right: David Marshall, Tom MacMillan, Roy Meredith, Alan Brown, Rosalie Paul, Jacqui Deveneau)

The MGIP annual state convention was held Sunday, May 1st at the Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick. Green Party members adopted bylaw & platform changes, and elected members to fill open slots for state Steering Committee & the International Committee of the GPUS. Newly elected Steering Committee members include Whitley Newman and Tom MacMillan. Anthony Zeli was re-elected to serve as party Treasurer & Steering Committee member. Standing Steering Committee members include Nate Shea, Asher Platts, Jeremy Corbally-Hammond, and Anna Trevorrow. Newly elected International Committee members include Lynne Williams and Anna Trevorrow. John Rensenbrink was re-elected to the International Committee. (Pictured from left to right: Rosalie Paul, Tom MacMillan, Anna Trevorrow, Asher Platts) Award recipients included Tom MacMillan, New Green of the Year, Lynne Williams, Candidate of the Year, and Fred Horch, Green of the Year. (Pictured: David Marshall) The day's speakers included David Marshall, Portland Mayoral Candidate, Ben Chipman, State House Representative, Sarah Bigney, Maine AFL-CIO, and Roy Meredith, SMCC Green Party Activist and Spokesperson from John Eder's Mayoral Campaign. Special Thanks are due to Fred Horch, Convention Chair, and Elise Corbally-Hammond, Caterer. CLICK HERE to view the Portland Press Herald's coverage of the event. CLICK HERE to view the Portland Daily Sun's coverage of the event.

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