Paige Brown For House 97 - Northport


Green Party Candidate
For a sustainable future.


Schooled in Classical Literature and Art History, with a concentration in Environmental Studies & Ethics, Paige graduated from Lasell College and quickly realized that her life's passion would lead her towards fighting for environmental causes.

After ten years living out of state, Paige, a native Mainer, relocated to Mid-Coast Maine and became involved with a local grassroots organization that utilized her knowledge of environmental ethics and activism strategies.
Paige has become active with the Maine Green Independent Party, with the hope of making a difference on a government level for the environment, the people of her beloved community, and the state of Maine.
Planks in her platform include:
  • Single-payer healthcare
  • Job creation through construction of energy efficient, statewide public transit
  • Replacing the state's vehicle fleet with energy efficient alternatives
  • Impartial Environmental Impact studies on dredging in Penbay
  • Protecting our Natural Resources
  • Legalizing Marijuana
  • Repeal of the mining industry giveaway bill, LD 1853

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