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    We depend on you.

    $3,096.00 raised
    GOAL: $5,000.00

    The Maine Green Independent Party does not accept money from corporations or their PACS. Unlike other parties the MGIP relies solely on individual support as its foundation.

    Your gift goes to build and strengthen a third political party. When you contribute you are helping to elect public officials who will place small, local businesses, living-wage jobs, quality, affordable health care, and a sustainable way of life at the top of their agenda.

    You can also donate via check.  Make checks payable to Maine Green Independent Party and send them to:

    Maine Green Independent Party
    PO Box 10345
    Portland, ME
    NOTE: If you are either currently Unemployed or Retired, please state as such for your employer information.  If this is the case, for Employer Address put "none."

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    Caucus for Jill Stein!

    Every two years, we officially convene municipal caucuses as part of the requirements to maintain status as a state-recognized political party, with the benefits of a ballot line for our presidential nominee, and a checkbox on the state's voter registration form. However, caucuses are the statutory mechanism by which party municipal committees are formed. For municipalities that don't have a town or city Green Independent committee, a caucus can be convened at any time of the year for the purpose of forming the municipal committee.

    Caucuses are an excellent opportunity for us to grow the party, recruit new members and run local candidates in your municipality.

    With Jill Stein as our presidential nominee on the 2016 election ballot, we have a great opportunity to caucus and organize locally on her behalf. What better way to contribute to her campaign, then to gather together Greens in your town for a caucus, and begin organizing literature drop-offs, phone-banking, sign delivery and even fun activities such as concerts and forums to increase awareness about the Green New Deal and why our candidate offers the best solutions for America.

    WE NEED YOU.  Will you help us do this vital work, by holding a caucus in your town? If you don't see your town listed on our "local groups" page, then please contact us using our contact form, for more information on how you can help form one. Only a resident Green Independent of a municipality can convene the caucus in that municipality, so WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU to be the founder of your town or city's Green Independent committee ... 

    Please check out more information and resources by hovering on the "Caucus" tab in the above menu.


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