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The Maine Green Independent Party was founded in 1984, six months before the establishment of the National Green Party, and is the oldest state Green party in the United States.

We achieved ballot status on December 21, 1998, after having received 6.6% of the vote in the 1998 gubernatorial election.

We do not have a specific creed. Instead, we are united by, and committed to, the 10 KEY Values of the U.S. National Green movement.  These values are:

  1. Grassroots Democracy
  2. Social Justice and Opportunity
  3. Ecological Wisdom
  4. Non-Violence
  5. Decentralization of Power
  6. Community Based Economics
  7. Feminism and Gender Equality
  8. Respect for Diversity
  9. Personal and Global Responsibility
  10. Future Focus and Sustainability

In other words, we put the planet, people and peace before profit.

We are about promoting the long-term interests of the State of Maine and handing future Mainers a state that is better than when we got it.  We seek to make change, increase accountability, and elect officials that vote to uphold these 10 Key Values.

Today Maine has the highest percentage of registered Greens in the US so you are not alone.  Join us today!

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