MGIP Joins Prisoner Advocacy Coalition

The Maine Green Independent Party  (MGIP) has joined the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition to endorse Fair Chance legislation, also known as “Ban the Box”.   Fair Chance is a national movement seeking to remove unjust and discriminatory barriers to employment for those who have been convicted of a crime.  One such barrier is the conviction history check-box on job applications.  Fair Chance asks to remove the box and delay conviction history inquiries until later in the hiring process, making it more likely applicants will be fairly evaluated on their qualifications.

As gainful employment is the single most important factor in reducing recidivism, Fair Chance would enhance public safety, and also improve the lives of families who depend upon the estimated 70 million adults with arrest and conviction records. The MGIP is proud to support this important legislation.

For more information about Fair Chance, please visit the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition website at :

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