Economic Development - Intro

The Maine Green Independent Party believes that a healthy economy provides the following:

  • Low unemployment.
  • Jobs with living wages, equitable pay for men and women, and health care benefits.
  • Accessible and affordable quality childcare
  • Decent, affordable housing.
  • Businesses that produce goods for local and regional markets.
  • Strict pollution standards, with the goal of "zero pollution," a healing ecosystem, and clean and efficient renewable energy, and a thriving community of small and micro businesses and self-employed persons.

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The Maine Green Independent Party beleives that economies exist to serve the needs of people, not the other way around.  To that end, we take the stand that a civilized society should provide:

  • A Full Employment Economy
  • Jobs with living wages
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work
  • Protection of employment for all, regardless of gender identity, sex, race, religion or philosophy.
  • Healthcare for All
  • Childcare for working parents
  • Safe Housing, Healthy Food, and Clean Water as human rights
  • A healthy ecosystem in which life can not just survive but thrive.



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