Maine Greens Set Sights on Executive Director

Dear Maine Greens,

We are very encouraged by the support the Maine Green Independent Party has received from caucus attendance and participation. All around Maine we have dedicated members who live our 10 Key Values and want to see these values spread.

As you are aware, we do not accept funds from corporations, PACs and other organizations that would exert undue influence in return for their “donations”. While this allows us to remain independent from these influences, it does restrict our ability to spread our message to the people of Maine.

The MGIP would like to hire an executive director to help coordinate press releases and fundraising, and assist candidates and local groups. These tasks presently fall to our all-volunteer state committee, whose members are busy with families, jobs, school, running for office and other aspects of life. A director would make our party more efficient and our state committee more effective.

We need your financial help to grow our party and see our values spread to our neighbors. Some among us are sustaining donors who contribute monthly to our cause. Can you become a sustainer so we can have the means to hire an executive director?

To become a sustainer, go Click the “DONATE” button and then the “BECOME A SUSTAINER” button. We appreciate your participation in our party in everything you do, be it raising your voice, attending events, running for local office- and offering your FINANCIAL support.


Gil Harris and Trish Jackson
Co-Chairs, MGIP

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