Maine Greens Field Candidates in Midcoast

By Gina Hamilton, Times Record


The local Mid-coast region is well-represented by a trio of Green Independent Party candidates for the 2014 legislative race.

Alice Knapp of Richmond is running for state Senate District 23, which includes Sagadahoc County. Fred Horch of Brunswick is also running for the state Senate, in District 24, which includes Brunswick, Freeport, Harpswell and Pownal.

In the House, Daniel Stromgren is running for House District 54, which is Topsham.

A couple of other Greens are running for Mid-coast regions further north — Randall Parr for House District 95, including Appleton, Hope, Union, and Warren, and Paige Brown for House District 97, encompassing Northport, Waldo, and Belfast.

“The high water mark for Green candidates was in early 2000s,” said Asher Platts, the chair of the Maine party. “But this is the highest number we’ve had running in about a decade.”

Platts said that as a party, the Green Independent Party is aiming to demonstrate that they are not a “Portland-only” party. Getting signatures on nominating papers in more rural areas has been a challenge, however, because the Green Indepedents only number about 4 percent of voters in Maine. Smaller parties have to garner as many signatures as the two major parties.

“Only four of every 100 people we might approach is legally able to sign our nominating papers,” Platts said. “So we made a concerted effort to register Greens around the state, to grow the party and get candidates on the ballot.”

“We also made an effort to convene Greens in regional meetings to solicit new candidates for municipal and statewide offices,” Platts continued. “It seems to be paying off.” In addition to being chair of the party, Platts is also a candidate running in Portland.

Knapp is an attorney in Richmond. She is active in Maine AllCare, an organization aiming to get single payer universal health care in Maine. She was appointed as the first director of the Bureau of Insurance’s legislatively created Consumer Health Care Division in 1999, which during her tenure she worked with the Legislature to help draft Maine’s Patient Bill of Rights.

Horch currently serves as treasurer of the Green Independent Party. He is well known for his shop F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods and Supplies, which operated on Brunswick’s Maine Street for several years. He is a former candidate for representative in Brunswick.

Stromgren ran for state Senate to fill the term of resigning Seth Goodall, D-Sagadahoc. He is now running as representative for Topsham. Stromgren is a social worker.


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