Maine Green Independent Party Turns 30


The Maine Green Independent Party, the oldest state Green party in the U.S., will celebrate 30 years as an organized political party on Saturday, May 3, at the Senator Inn in Augusta. 

The Maine Green movement began in 1984, and the Maine Green Party achieved ballot status in 1994 when Jonathan Carter received 6.5 percent of the vote when he ran for governor. The party lost ballot status in 1996, but regained it when Pat La Marche got 6.6% of the vote in the 1998 gubernatorial election. The party changed its name to the Maine Green Independent Party in 1998. 

According to the Maine Secretary of State's Office, as of March 13, 2014, there are 960,850 registered voters in Maine: 356,522 are unenrolled in a political party; 305,920 are Democrats; 260,768 are Republicans; 37,640 are Greens. 

For more information about the Green Gala on May 3, visit or contact Betsy Garrold at or 568-3302.

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