Kshama Sawant speaking at a Green Party event at Left Forum

Kshama Sawant of Socialist Alternative spoke at a Green Party event at Left Forum in NYC this past weekend in support of their candidate for Governor, Howie Hawkins.

"There is no point in having third parties if they do not stand up for the working class. [...] People are really hungry for alternatives. [...] The [Democratic] Party establishment is completely married to big business interests;  Obama got record votes from latinos, black people, environmental activists, but he also got record contributions from the financial sector.  The only way we can break this contradiction is by putting ourselves forwards as a genuine, credible, and winnable alternative.  We have shown this in Seattle.  [...] [The Democratic Party] are trembling in fear right now.  And we need to keep them trembling.  We cannot let them co-opt this resurgance of the desire to fight back.  Like they have done in Seattle, they will try to pick up our flag and run with it and say that they did it.  We have to keep outwitting them.  And in order to do that we must have forces that continue to build strong, independent, working-class movements, and independent working-class electoral candidates, and a party, or at least the vision of an independent party, has to be part and parcel of this movement. 

[...] No working class victory is possible without hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of activists, dedicating themselves to the cause, spending every free moment on the campaign. [...] You have to know that every hour that you spend is going to be critical."

We are hoping to recruit candidates for City Council and School Board across the state for this year, and we are recruiting a slate for State Legislature and Senate in 2016.  Sign up today!

We also need your support to become as strong financially as we need to be in order to support our candidates.  Please donate to the Candidate Support and Recruitment fund today, or become a sustaining donor, right now.

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