Kicking off 15NOW in Portland!

maine_greens_circle.pngWe're excited to be kicking off our campaign to create a living wage of $15 hour in Portland this April.  We've got a series of great events to launch this critical and historic campaign that we'd like to invite you to:

Press Conference & Campaign Launch
April 2nd, 1pm; Portland City Hall, State of Maine room
Come and stand behind the podium with Green Party members of the school board, city council, and fellow working class individuals as we launch the campaign!
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15 NOW Petition Training
April 2rd6pm-8pm; Glickman Library
Come and get trained on how to properly wield a petition, and take the first steps to helping us get the 3,000 signatures we are looking to gather between April 3rd, and June 20th.
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First Friday Art Walk
April 3rd, 4pm-8pm; Throughout the Arts District
We want to have as many teams of petitioners and sign holders as possible throughout the Arts District for First Friday Art Walk.
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PGIC Meeting/ Petition Training #2
April 8th, 6pm; Portland City Hall, State of Maine Room
Join us for the second petition training.  We will be talking about development, and what Green development would look like.
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National Fight For 15 Day of Solidarity
April 15th 5pm-7pm, 
Monument Square 
Join us for the #FightFor15 national day of solidarity as we rally in Portland for a living wage for working class Portlanders.
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Thomas MacMillan
Portland Green Independent Committee

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