It's a Crucial Time To Be A Green Party Member!

It is caucus time in Maine.  So what?

Well-- To remain a state-recognized political party, Maine law requires all political parties to hold caucuses in at least 14 of the 16 counties in the state between January 1st and March 19. 

We hope there are already caucuses planned for your communities, but as is often the case, we cannot rely on "somebody else" to get things done.  

Yes, I will convene a caucus for my municipality.

In the event you are convening a caucus, please notify us via email of the time, date and locality. You can email this information to me at

If there is not one yet scheduled in your community, we encourage you to convene one. 

Linked is information explaining the process for convening a caucus.  There is detailed information on our web site,

If you are a convener, we will provide you with a list of all registered Greens in your locality with telephone numbers from the phone match service we contracted with. 

At our convention on May 7, we will be compiling the results of the Maine caucus votes to send to the Green Party US convention where the Green Party presidential candidate will be selected.

Please encourage the Greens in your area to attend a caucus, or convene one if it has not been scheduled. This is also an opportunity to get involved in local and county committees to have a voice in Maine Green Party issues. 

We hope you are having a wonderful time this winter and wish you a happy caucus season. 

Remember to let us know of any caucus plans so we can get the information on our social media sites. 


Gil Harris, Co-Chair

Maine Green Independent Party

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