Richard Wolff: The Growing Gap Between Governors & The Governed

Abyss Between Governors and Governed Deepens

The Supreme Court ruling to allow more freedom for the rich to buy political influence is merely the latest in the profoundly reactionary steps taken increasingly by leading official bodies in this country. The effect of these steps is to subordinate politics to the control of the major corporations and the richest 1 per cent.

The latter are those who mostly own the shares and/or sit on the boards of directors of those corporations. We are literally becoming a society subject to the best (or worst) government their money can buy. The people know and detest the power of a tiny minority to buy the political system. The abyss between governors and governed deepens in ominous ways.

The Green Shadow Cabinet proudly affirms its total opposition to today's ruling by the Supreme Court. The Shadow Cabinet also maintains our position that we must dismantle both the mechanisms that subordinate politics to unequally distributed financial resources, and the mechanisms that generate those unequally distributed financial resources in the first place.

Richard D. Wolff serves as Council of Economic Advisors, Chair, on the Economy Branch of the Green Shadow Cabinet.  He will be speaking at USM on April 23rd!

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