Green Party Expresses Sorrow for Paris and Beruit

In a statement Sunday, the Green Party of the United States said, “We in the Green Party of the United States express our sorrow and anger over the attacks in Beirut and Paris and deep sympathy for those who lost their lives, for the injured, for their loved ones, and for the people of Lebanon and France.”

The party also said, “Those who enabled the attacks must be brought to justice, but we oppose reckless state-sanctioned retaliation that will result in more civilian casualties and repressive measures against people not responsible for such attacks. … We call for an end to terrorism and to foreign policies that motivate terrorism, including U.S. military actions and wars for oil and geopolitical control that have resulted in mass death and mayhem. A state of perpetual undeclared global war, even against the most reprehensible of foes, will draw more attacks on civilian populations.”

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