May 1st: General Strike against the Status Quo

The Maine Green Independent Party is proud to join the growing list of organizations, businesses and individuals calling for a general strike on May 1, 2012 to express solidarity with workers across the world who both celebrate the achievements of the global workers’ rights movement and press for further progress.

We call on the more than 31,000 Greens across the state to join with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Maine,  Occupy USM, Teamsters, the Maine AFL-CIO, local businesses and others in showing our true power as members of the 99%, by halting the flow of capital for just one day.

Events in Portland will be starting with a student and teacher walkout of USM at 10:30am, followed by a free university on Payson Smith Green.  Events are also schedualed all day by Occupy Maine in Congress Square.  Find a location near you (or start one) at

Occupy Wall Street is also engaging in a range of activities, ranging from teach-ins, gift economies, and street theater, to direct action.

Hope to see you!

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