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I will introduce new legislation for economic security, a healthy environment, and a less partisan political system. I will answer questions and solve problems that my constituents bring to me. As a Green Independent in the Senate, I will be the swing vote, a deal-maker, and a neutral party amid the partisan squabbling. I will work diligently with whichever party wins a majority. Special interest groups and wealthy individuals dominate today’s Democrat and Republican parties. Despite that serious problem, some good  ideas are still possible to advance with bipartisan support. I will ensure that proposed laws are good for our communities, not just good for the special-interest groups that buy influence among Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats have good ideas for protecting our environment and civil rights for certain groups. Republicans have good ideas for reducing taxes and promoting civil rights for other groups. Neither party has good ideas for economic development, judging from the performance of Maine’s trades economy. I will introduce legislation to create a Maine Permanent Fund to provide capital for small business growth and a guaranteed dividend to every Maine family. A state permanent fund is managed like a pension fund or a mutual fund, with every resident owning an equal share and receiving an equal dividend. A Maine Permanent Fund is an efficient and effective way to reform welfare while promoting and sustaining economic growth. To protect our communities, I will introduce legislation to create a solar grid for clean, affordable energy in Maine for efficient electric space heating and transportation. Cumberland County has poor air quality due to burning fossil fuel; the American Lung Association reports that breathing our air triggers asthma attacks among children. Individuals and businesses alone cannot solve this serious problem; we need our elected leaders to consider the root cause.

I am running to give voters in our communities a meaningful choice on their ballot. Unfortunately, many voters will be terrified of splitting the vote. I will introduce legislation to give voters the right to choose more than one candidate on their ballots for state elections. This will break the monopoly that the Democrats and Republicans have on access to elected office.

To sum up, I plan to introduce new ideas on the floor of the Senate and  work as hard as possible for long-term solutions to real problems.  Beyond my own ideas, I will carefully listen to ideas and concerns my constituents share with me. Knowing the trials and temptations that are unavoidable running as a Democrat or a Republican, I have chosen to run as a Green Independent so I can honestly say that I will treat everyone with the same consideration and respect, regardless of political views.

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