Caucus Data Sheet

Caucus Data Sheet (for use in conjunction with Caucus Agenda)

(Copy form and fill out at caucus)


Time, Date, Location:

Secretary of Caucus (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail):

(this is just for the caucus only)

Chair of Caucus (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail):

(this is just for the caucus only)

Municipal Party Committee Officers (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail):

(these are permanent municipal party officers)



State Contact Person (the person who the state committee directs communications to):

Other officers:


Election Clerk Nominees (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail):

(These are people willing to work the polls. Forward these names to your town or city clerk.)


Delegates to Party's State Convention (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail):  (Not relevant until 2018 winter caucuses)

Candidates for State Legislature (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail): (Not relevant until 2017/2018)

Vote totals for presidential nomination: (Not relevant until 2020 winter caucuses)


Nominee for Party County Committee (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail):

(forward information to state committee at


Attach any ideas, recommendations, suggestions, proposals, or other communications to be forwarded to the state committee:

Send copy of Caucus Data Sheet to Electronic text copy preferred.

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