"No To KXL" a Step Forward, "Yes To TPP" Two Steps Back

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders support the decision to
reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, saying that the credit for the
defeat should go to those who kept pressure on the White House, including
ranchers, tribal nations, and residents near the pipeline's route and all
those concerned about the effects of fossil-fuels on the world's climate.

"This pipeline would have irreparably poisoned our land, waters, and
climate. The toxic process of mining tarsands is preventing Canadian First
Nations from living according to their traditional ways of hunting and
fishing. Running a pipeline through the fragile sandhills would have
violated treaty rights with indigenous tribes and property rights of
citizens across the Midwest. It promised to pollute not only our country's
agricultural breadbasket, but also the largest freshwater aquifer in the
world, the Oglála. The refinement and burning of this crude tarsands oil is
wiping out hopes of reining in a climate disaster," said Charles Ostdiek,
co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and co-chair of the
Nebraska Green Party.

But Greens said that, while the White House's rejection was a step forward
in the effort to prevent a global climate crisis, approval of the proposed
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would represent a major step backwards.

"President Obama's promotion of the TPP undermines his stated dedication to
curbing global warming. The trade pact would grant legal privileges to
polluting corporations and jeopardize U.S. jobs, public health and
food-safety protections, and open access to the Internet, by trumping the
jurisdiction of U.S. courts in these areas," said Audrey Clement, co-chair
of the Green Party of the U.S. and co-chair of the party's Eco-Action

"The Green Party calls for fair trade instead of so-called free trade.
There's nothing free about agreements like the TPP. They serve mainly to
boost the profits and global power of major corporations, to the detriment
of the rest of us and the health of the planet," said Ms. Clement.

Publication of the TPP text last week, following earlier leaks by Wikileaks
of excerpts, led to sharp condemnations by labor, environmental, and public
interest groups: see "'Worse Than We Thought': TPP A Total Corporate Power
Grab Nightmare"

Green Party leaders noted that the pipeline rejection and TPP text release
coincided with news that New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman is
investigating ExxonMobil in the wake of revelations that the company
concealed its own scientists' research.

The concealment amounts to a cover-up of evidence that Exxon knew of the
danger that fossil fuels pose to the world's climate as far back as the
1970s. The cover-up has been compared to the tobacco industry's cover-up of
research proving the harmful effects of nicotine.

"The Green Party supports investigation and prosecution of Exxon in New York
and all efforts to make the oil industry legally accountable for inflicting
environmental damage and lying about the effects of their product and the
reality of global warming. Exposure of the Exxon cover-up should permanently
discredit climate-change skepticism and motivate an aggressive effort to
eliminate the consumption of fossil fuels," said Mark Dunlea, New York Green
and attorney helping to coordinate a state-wide campaign for 100% renewable
energy by 2030. Mr. Dunlea lobbied the Attorney General's office to launch
the investigation.

Greens have called for a ban on deep water oil drilling, mountaintop
detonation mining for coal, and hydrofracking for natural gas and shut-down
of all coal, fossil-fuel, and nuclear plants by 2025.

Party members called legislation introduced recently in Congress to keep
fossil fuels in the U.S. under ground a necessary step. The bill would deny
leases for coal, oil, gas, shale, and tar sands extraction on federal land,
ban offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, and block new and
non-producing leases in the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico ("Keep It in the
Ground Act of 2015,")

Green Party leaders in the U.S. and around the world will press for such
goals at events planned to coincide with the 2015 United Nations Climate
Change Conference (COP 21), which will take place in Paris from Nov. 30 to
Dec. 11.

Green Party candidates have advocated the "Green New Deal" which would make a massive transformative
investment in renewable clean energy, putting tens of millions of Americans
back to work by building sustainable energy systems such as wind, solar,
geothermal, tidal, and energy conservation and efficiency and by investing
in mass transit and organic agriculture.

Greens have proposed an annual fund of several hundred billion dollars to
finance the Green New Deal through major cuts in Pentagon spending, a carbon
tax, holding fossil fuel companies financially responsible for climate
change, an end to tax subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear, and higher
taxes on the wealthy (e.g., a financial transaction tax).


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